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It shall be the duty of the public defender to represent, within the county she serves, all indigent felony defendants, all indigent persons against whom a petition has been filed with a mental health board as provided in sections 71-945 to 71-947, and all indigent persons charged with misdemeanor offenses punishable by imprisonment, when appointed by the court.

A public defender shall not  represent an indigent person prior to appointment by the court, except that a public defender may represent  a person under arrest for investigation or on suspicion.

A public defender is not attorney for a defendant until appointed to represent him in the particular case by  a judge.

Monday – Thursday
8:00 AM – 4:45 PM

To make an appointment please:

CALL: (308) 432-6599
TEXT: (308) 207-5059
FAX: (308) 432-6594


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