District Court


Celeste Cattin

District Court Clerk

Dana Streeks

Deputy Clerk


Phone: (308) 432-0109
Fax: (308) 432-0118


8:30am – 4:30pm

The Judges Chair in the Courtroom
Defendants Table in the Courtroom
Plantiffs Table in the Courtroom
Clerk of Court Area

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Court Fees/Forms

For a full listing of Court Fees/Forms and a breakdown of individual court fees, please visit:
Nebraska Court Fees Page
Nebraska District Court Forms

Juror Fees

Per Diem $35.00
Mileage $0.56

Witness Fees

Civil / Criminal $20.00
Mileage $0.56
Sheriff’s Fee (In Chadron) $18.50
Sheriff’s Fee (In Crawford) $47.00
Execution Fee $200.00


Passports can be obtained through the District Court Office

Apply for a Passport Online

Protection Orders

Protection Orders can be obtained through the District Court Office. Please refer the the following links for information about Protection Orders and obtaining them

General Information

General Protection Order Information
Domestic Abuse Protection
Harrasment Protection


Filing a domestic abuse protection order
Filing a harassment protection order


Protection Order Forms

Jury Service

It is the right of every American to be granted a jury of their peers. Below is information pertaining to Jury Duty in Nebraska.

Jury Service Information

General Jury Service Information
Frequently Asked Questions (Juror Handbook)
Juror Qualifications
Employer of Juror Brochure


451 Main Street, Suite B
Chadron, Nebraska 69337

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Inside of the Courtroom
Jury Box in the Courtroom
Witness Stand in the Courtroom