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Dawes County was a part of the unorganized area of northwestern Nebraska until February 19, 1877, when it became a part of Sioux County from which it was separated February 19, 1885 and was given its present name. Box Butte County was taken from Dawes January 29, 1887, leaving Dawes County with its present area. It was once the home of the Ogallala and Brule Sioux.

The abundant supply of water, wood and shelter brought in the Trappers and the Fur Traders. They were the early pioneers of the westward movement. Then, the soldiers of the United States Army came to maintain order in the new country. The ranchmen came with their great herds of long horn cattle. The homesteaders came and with them in 1885 the first railroad towns were built. The county was filled with pioneer farmers. School houses and churches were erected. Government was instituted. Agriculture was developed. What was begun by the pioneers had become the well developed community of today.

Comprehensive Plan


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